Measuring the Impact of a Library

The full impact of the Kumbo Public Library is hard to convey. The fact that approximately 100 people, and oftentimes more, visit each day may serve to paint a small picture of how well loved and used this community resource is. That teachers from area schools and vocational training centers bring classes to the library after school hours and on weekends may also illustrate the degree to which the library is bolstering local education.

The following photos show how crowded—yet hushed and serious—the library became during the week leading up to the examination for the General Certificate of Education. Final year students filled the library studying for their big exam, which is necessary to graduate from high school.

A line begins to form as students wait for the library to open.

Extra tables were set up to accommodate all of the students.

The library contains copies of all required reading and textbooks for government-run schools. Making these books available for students to share is a small move toward relieving the chronic burden of book shortages and underfunding in schools.

Public relations manager Ntani Divine writes, “I want the world to see the impact of the Kumbo Public Library in the community of Kumbo. I want those who donated money and books for the library to see how it is serving the community with knowledge.”

4 thoughts on “Measuring the Impact of a Library

  1. So inspirational. Great work, HI. May the students increased opportunity to learn also increase their compassion, creativity, possibilities, and joy.

  2. I think this project is wonderful. I am an Elementary Education major at Bloomsburg University, who just spent 1 month doing my pre-student teaching in Buea, Cameroon. Although I did not have the pleasure of ever visiting Kumbo in my travels, I know how important this library is to the people of Cameroon. Please keep up the great work, and if there is any way I can contribute my experiences, please contact me at

    • Thanks Ashley! We really appreciate the feedback. The library is one of our most exciting projects — it draws people from all over Cameroon. It’s great that you had heard about the library during your travels through the region — it let’s us know that the impact is really spreading!

      Let us know the next time you plan to be in Cameroon, and we would love to arrange a visit to our center. Or visit us in Honesdale, PA!

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