Turning Inspiration Into Action

After visiting the Kumbo Public Library in Cameroon last November with her family during the 2010 Eco-Service Excursion, 14-year old Claudia Bacon returned home inspired to also make a difference.

Reflecting on her experiences in Cameroon, she wrote, “I was first inspired by the library because it was one of the only public libraries in Cameroon and the kids were so thrilled to have books to read, games to play, and textbooks to use since they could not afford them. This inspired me to do as much as I can to help these people. Africa was a life changing experience that I learned so much from in two weeks… Africa will remain in my heart forever and I can’t wait to go back.”

Turning inspiration into action, on Martin Luther King Day Claudia gave a speech to approximately 1,000 of her schoolmates about the harsh realities facing rural communities and the need for quality educational materials. After hearing this, the students and their families at McCall Middle School in Winchester, MA were ready to help change the lives of students over 5,500 miles away. Together, the community gathered 2,430 books!

Claudia and some friends sorted and boxed the books, and then Claudia and her mom Nicole rented a cargo van and delivered them to Honesdale, PA.

A special thanks to the Bacons, the Gukenbergers, and all of the students and faculty at Winchester Middle School!

Interested in organizing a book drive or fundraiser in your community? Be a part of the Himalayan Institute’s ‘One Book One Dollar’ campaign! For every book that we collect to send to Cameroon, we need $1 to cover shipping charges. Contact our Humanitarian Projects team at 570-647-1527 or email us at info@himalayaninstitute.org to learn more about how you can support students in underprivileged areas gain access to quality educational resources.

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One thought on “Turning Inspiration Into Action

  1. (A message from the National President of BFU-USA in response to this blog post. BFU is a Cameroonian member organization which focuses on rural empowerment.)

    Mr. Abella,

    On behalf of my Executive, I’d like to say “Thank You” for what the Himalayan Institute is doing on the ground in Bui. I’ve looked through your website and mission statement… and as an organization with a similar mission to BFU-USA’s, I’m glad to see the strides you are making. At the end, as our people are benefiting, our societies will grow one neighborhood at a time and our culture will indirectly remain strong.

    I’m not sure how often it’s said… but from a partner in the same space, we say THANK YOU. You are making a difference and we like that!!

    Best Regards,

    Tarbinlam Lafon
    On Behalf of Team Power of One
    National President, BFU-USA

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