Going ‘Green’ in Jonotla

HI Mexico’s Demonstration Farm now features a brand new greenhouse. Constructed of high-grade plastic sheeting stretched over a frame of locally-grown bamboo, the greenhouse will provide a controlled environment for nursing herbs and vegetable seedlings, growing specialty crops like vanilla, and extending the growing season for staple foods such as tomatoes, which cannot grow outside during the rainy months.

First crop in the greenhouse: organic vanilla harvested from a forest in Vera Cruz state and transplanted to Jonotla. Using a 'vertical bed' system and training the vines around the bamboo greenhouse supports, time will show whether this is a good crop for the region.

In addition to the vertical beds around each post, three raised beds were installed for nursing seedlings.

At a minimal cost, HI Mexico will be able to grow a greater variety and quantity of crops for consumption and sale. At an upcoming workshop, local farmers will have the opportunity to learn how to construct a similar greenhouse or growing boxes for their own homes and farms.


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3 thoughts on “Going ‘Green’ in Jonotla

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  2. Hello… i would like to know where can I contact himalayan institute members in Mexico, because im very interest about your institution & I would like to know more about it…

    • Thanks for your interest, José. We are working on developing a new website for the Mexico branch of the Himalayan Institute. The website is still begin developed, but you can check it out at: http://himalayaninstitute.org.mx/

      On the right side of the page you will find contact information and the address of our center in Jonotla, Mexico. Please feel free to visit or call!

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