Himalayan Institute Total Health Program

The Himalayan Institute’s Total Health Program is creating global solutions to health problems in rural communities by using a holistic approach. Chosen candidates for the program receive an in depth training in anatomy and physiology, Ayuveda, homeopathy, hygiene and sanitation, diet and nutrition, yoga therapy, dental hygiene, eye care, public health, and micro business and sales. After completing the program, these trained Total Health Consultants are able to use their education to work as independent health consultants, work in Himalayan Institute Total Health Centers and operate the Himalayan Institute Mobile Health Unit.

Click the image below to watch a video about the Total Health Program and interviews with THC Consultants.


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2 thoughts on “Himalayan Institute Total Health Program

  1. Very Nice Video. It’s great to see the enthusiasm that the trained consultants have for their new found knowledge and profession!


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